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Flash Animation Tools and Softwares
Posted by: admin, 2013-05-16, 10:05 - 0 comments

Adobe Flash is a powerful multimedia program that can be used to make animation. Flash works best when creating media for the web. Although it has the tools to create nearly anything you want, it is not designed to create animation from scratch. The best process is to create your own graphics in another program and them import them into Flash.

Timeline, Frames and Keyframes

  • Flash animation is done by manipulating layers in the timeline panel. To view the timeline panel, select "Timeline" from the "Window" menu at the top of the program. In order for an element to have frames, it must first be a motion tween. A tween consists of frames, which is a single image, and a movie consists of many frames sequenced after each other. A keyframe is a frame where something special happens; it can be a new path movement, new color setting or anything else that Flash can't automatically adjust to. A small black dot will appear on the blue bar, indicating a keyframe. To create a frame or keyframe, right-click on an empty frame in the timeline window and select the corresponding choice. Making sure the motion tweens are smooth between keyframes causes appealing animation.

Pen Tablet

  • For serious animators, a digital pen and tablet is a must-have when drawing on a computer. The pen allows for a much more natural drawing style and applies attributes such as pressure, speed and angle to your stroke. In addition, you will be able to use any drawing talent you already have, rather than struggling with a computer mouse. Most tablets can be purchased for $40 to $100 from online electronics retailers as of 2010.

Motion Tweens

  • All motion in Flash is created by a "motion tweens," which are simply the paths between two points. Motion tweens are used whenever an element needs to move across the stage or change its appearance. To create a motion tween, right-click on an object on the main stage and select "Create motion tween." A blue bar will appear in the timeline panel, which represents the duration of your object on stage. Drag the edges of this bar to shorten or lengthen your motion. Additionally, Flash will automatically fill in the changes between the ends of a tween. For example, if the alpha is 100 and 0 at two respective ends, it will automatically fade in or out.

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